“Meet HPC Graduate’s New Wellness Clinic – Osteonic Health”

Jessie Anne Coleman: HPC Graduate, Blogger, Director of Osteonic Health, Nutrition & Exercise Specialist.

Shaun Coleman: Director of Osteonic Health, Osteopath – Bachelor Degree in Clinical Science; Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine; Dry Needling.

Along with being a Human Performance Centre Graduate, Jessie works at HPC a few days a week alongside our beautiful Admin Team – you may have seen her around! Jess has been a lifestyle blogger for over 6 years – www.jessieannecoleman.blogspot.com; & in partnership with her husband, Shaun, has just opened the doors to their new Wellness Clinic here in Miami, Gold Coast – Osteonic Health.

Jess was admitted to hospital in 2013 after a frightening bleed within her stomach. She was diagnosed with Anorexia & was warned that her body was in a severe state. With a couple of years of much counselling, re-education in regards to diet & exercise, & the support of her boyfriend (who’s now her husband), she was able to fully rehabilitate. Jess says that although she is free of this awful illness, it is something that she knows she will have to be aware of for the rest of her life.

For the 4 years following her wake-up call, Jess immersed herself in learning all about health, fitness, wellness, & happiness. It was last year that she finally mustered up the courage to enrol at HPC, & she says that her time spent learning at HPC was truly the door to the next level of her life. “HPC equipped me with all the tools I needed, not only to improve my own life, but to go out & empower others to impove their lives too. For me, health is all about a happy balance. If I’m not happy, I’m not healthy. A balance of good nutrition, regular exercise, & all of the things that enrich & make life full for each individual.”

“HPC’s facilities were beyond anything I had imagined or heard about! The Trainers who taught us were incredible, particularly Damien – I found that his passion for the human body & health to be life-changing as I sat in class listening. The entire staff always made me feel like they were there simply to help me to succeed; & now having worked at HPC, I can testify that I felt that way, because that’s EXACTLY why they were, & are, there. If I’m a success, it’s because HPC was successful – not only educating me in fitness & nutrition; but in teaching me to treat each client with care, to see everyone for the individual that they truly are, & to remember that my first priority when it comes to my clients is to encourage & empower them. I will never be able to thank HPC enough!”

Shaun has always been super active, growing up in Byron Bay playing soccer, surfing, cricket, golfing, skateboarding, & running. After a horrific compression fracture in his spine after a snowboarding accident, Shaun was compelled to find a way to still be active, doing all the things he always loved, which led him to try many different types of medical therapies. This road eventually led him to his first Osteopath, with whom he achieved the greatest results for his body after trying literally everything else out there. This incredible breakthrough caused Shaun to realize that he wanted to share this same gift of recovery & healing with others, so he signed up to what was the most daunting 5 years of his life at Southern Cross University. Shaun has had full patient books in Byron Bay for 4 years now, he loves his patients & loves seeing them rise in life.

Jess & Shaun moved to Burleigh Heads at the end of last year. A couple of months ago they decided that it was time for them to open a place on the Gold Coast for people of all walks of life to come to for body maintenance, recovery, rehabilitation, & happy wellness. Welcome, Osteonic Health! (Or, “OH,” as they affectionately like to call it.)

Osteonic Health is a holistic Wellness Clinic providing Osteopathy & Dry Needling for literally hundreds of body aches & pains. Osteopathy & Dry Needling are also perfect as maintenance therapies to keep you performing & living life at your optimum physical capacity. As of August, OH will also provide the expertise of Nutrition & Exercise Specialising thanks to our HPC Graduate, Jess, launching her side of the business more.

Osteonic Health
Ph: 0404 704 865
17 Oak Avenue, MIAMI  QLD  4220