I have always had a love of keeping active and enjoyed the gym and running. During my time living overseas I realised that the exercise class I was attending was always the same and incredibly boring and believed I could probably do a better job than the instructor. If she could do this and had a big turnout, I could do it better. I spoke to a few people about pursuing it and they encouraged me to go for it as they thought I’d be great at it, despite a lot of self doubt, their belief ignited the enquiry.

I chose HPC after doing some research online whilst still living overseas. We had bought a house in the area and when I mentioned HPC to my sister she said they were very well regarded in the industry. She worked for Department of Education and Training putting members of the public in touch with RTO’s. So I figured I could count on her recommendation. Their website was also very informative and professional and had all the information I was looking for. An info night sealed the deal when I got back.

My biggest hesitation was my own self belief and going back to study in my late 30’s. I was fearful of being too old and had been out of the workforce for 4 years. Despite having the money to do the things we loved and be able to travel to many places that other people hadn’t I was unfulfilled personally and had lost my sense of purpose. I needed to go back to work as I knew I had a huge drive and work ethic and that my passion for health and wellness could turn into a career. Becoming a PT was very different from my past work experiences all about creating a lifestyle for my family and being able to work around my children. My husband works away Mon-Fri so work had to fit in around the family and school commitments and still make time to do the things we love.

I loved every minute of studying at HPC. The staff were so friendly, professional and knowledgeable and I looked forward to my 2 days a week there. I sunk back into study mode and it was fantastic. All the people on course were enthusiastic and fun and by the end none of us wanted to leave.

Three things that I love most…………. that’s hard, I love it all!

  • I love being able to get up early every morning to watch the beautiful sunrises where I run our Energise PT Group Fitness sessions on the beach (luckily I’ve always been a morning person!)
  • I love being able to help turn someone’s day around, they may come in with the weight of the world on their shoulders when they enter the gym, but they leave feeling great and full of endorphins
  • I love seeing the growth and change in people when they decide to make a change to their lifestyle or simply achieve things that they never thought were possible! Always a brilliant moment when you see a new twinkle in their eye and a new level of self belief.
  • I love being able to choose when I work, how often I work and how much I will earn, I don’t want to work for others who are in control of my decisions and lifestyle.

Ok so that’s 4, but you get the picture!

As cliché as it sounds I really love helping people and educating them on smarter lifestyle choices. There is so much conflicting information out there and it’s great to be able to simplify it and make it easy and fun for them to get healthier and stronger. It’s fantastic to be up early every morning and helping people start their day with a positive mindset and improving their wellness. To see the follow on impact that it has on a family and helping to educate their children for a healthier lifestyle is worth more than any pay cheque. When someone says to you “Thank you so much for helping my mum, she is a much happier person now”, it just reinforces your passion for helping others.

Immediate goals

My list it too long to detail all of them here but I’m currently working on a project launching within my Group Fitness classes soon as well as building up my PT business in our fabulous HPC gym. Long term goals are making my business (Energise PT) a name that people recognise when people speak about a great knowledgeable and enthusiastic PT as well as projects that will enable to my husband to leave his current job and be home to work on new pursuits.

Most days will start with being up at 4.40am to either be at Outdoor Group Fitness at 5.30am or in the HPC gym by 5.30am, depending on the day of the week. Then home in between clients to wave the children off to school or drive them depending on their day. Then a 9am outdoor group fitness class or back in the gym with clients.

I then squeeze in my own workout or run and then onto paperwork, client workouts and nutritional follow ups etc., marketing and general client follow ups. I’m big on communication and follow ups.

I am lucky to be able to fit in the occasional coffee or lunch catch-up with friends and a beach walk through the day. Food prep, meal planning, shopping and domestic duties are all done while the children are at school.

School pick up and sports in the afternoon then back in the gym for PT clients in the late afternoon.

Finally – early to bed, I love my sleep!