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Kelsey’s Tips For Training In Japan

Heading to Japan for a holiday? Planning to work-out while you’re over there? I’ve got a couple of tips for you!While on a recent holiday to Japan, my boyfriend and I had been eating, shopping and adventuring our way through Tokyo, having an amazing time!...

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Kate’s Avo Mousse

I have a big passion around creating healthy, raw and of course super delicious desserts for my friends and family. So this Easter I had requests to make a Chocolate Mousse (a house hold favorite in my family) however little did they know, it was going to...

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Reasons To Follow Your Passion

Are you sitting at your desk, scrolling through the internet, looking at things that set your soul on fire? Are you daydreaming about what you COULD be doing to add excitement into your life, while you wonder WHAT IF? What if you took that chance to follow...

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5 Ways To Generate Income as a PT

5 Ways To Generate Income as a PTEnvision this… holidaying on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Bora Bora kicking back drinking pina coladas or protein shakes if that’s your ‘flava’ – I know my preference. Regardless, that’s the dream though right?...

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Getting back into it after the Easter Splurge

Aaah, Easter.4 days off to relax, spend time with family and, of course, have the perfect excuse to binge on chocolate.The long weekend has been and gone, it’s been days since you stepped foot in the gym and you’ve eaten so much food that you could...

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Our Course Co-Ordinator Completed Her First Triathlon

Hey there HPC FitFam! For me, 2019 is all about 2 major things; doing activities that scare me the most and achieving the things that have always been on my bucket list. I know, it sounds totally crazy but bear with me, I promise it makes sense. To put it...

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We got to meet Calum Von Moger

We are used to seeing people coming through our doors day-in day-out on their quest to change people’s lives. Facilitating fitness courses means that we get to help people achieve their goals - and give them the tools to help others hit their health &...

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HPC’s very own Wonder Woman!

You have seen wonder woman kick ass, but have you seen Kelsey Curtis?If you have recently passed through the doors of HPC you have most likely met Kelsey,and we like to think that everyone who meets her gets to see how amazing she is. However, on Saturday...

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Zac Smith dropped by!

If you are into fitness and you have Instagram, you most likely know who Zac Smith  is or have seen him within multiple fitness videos, photos or expos that may have popped up onto your Instagram feed.Fitness sensation Zac Smith joined us here at Human...

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Why we use InBody to assess our students.

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside of your body? What are your body fat levels, your muscle?When you train you are training towards a goal, whether that be to lose body fat, gain lean muscle or maintain your health and fitness levels.As you...

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