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30% of QLD adults are obese and of those about 12% are severely obese. That 12% is made up of around 460,000 people.


There is still a desperate need for Personal Trainers – allow us to equip you with the tools you need to help change these statistics!

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Saturday 27th July 2019

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The Man Who Started It All

Greg Tottman, Managing Director of Human Performance Centre, explains what you should be looking out for when researching PT courses.

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We offer the most exclusive courses in health & fitness, covering a diverse range of needs – from people looking to become personal trainers, to fitness enthusiasts wanting to learn about nutrition & training, to business, & more!

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What People Are Saying..

Maty Price

Price Fitness is a family orientated community that is built on fun times and results based in Currumbin, Gold Coast. Price Fitness is a training facility that specialises in Personal Training, Group Fitness & 24hour Gym access. You’re not a number at...

Atlantis Recovery Centre

The entire team here at the Human Performance Centre are proud to showcase some of our recent graduates to you all.On our first visit, we decided to touch base with Kasey & Sean who graduated in 2016. Since graduating from HPC, Kasey, Sean...

Jason Sevasta

I used to be a tradie, until I got bored of doing what I was doing and working for someone else. I had friends already in the fitness industry who also went through HPC and spoke very highly of it. So once I decided this is what I wanted to do it was time...

Tiffany Johnson

Fitness has always been a consistent part of my life since the early age of 15 when I started boxing and training in a gym environment! As we know, we can’t always control what gets thrown at us in life, but I found comfort, control and peace in the...

Brit Cook

Where do I even begin?I fell in love with health and fitness after stumbling into getting myself a Personal Trainer in my early adult years. My shy, guarded, timid personality was unleashed from this dark cage I was trapped inside. Learning my body’s...

Elsa Te Tai

After four years of being a stay at home mum and realising I did not want to step back into a 9-5 desk job, I made the life changing decision to pursue my passion for fitness and enrolled in my Cert III & IV in Fitness at HPC.I first got into fitness...

Paul Said

We love hearing about our student's success and we recently caught up with Paul from Listen To Your Body in Coomera. He completed his course with us back in 2017 and has since open a successful studio. Have a read below about Paul's time at HPC.“HPC is an...

Sam Wallace

For me there was no other way, I always knew that I'd be in the industry of making people feel good.Human Performance Centre gave me the tools l needed to make it all happen.I was a student in 2013 and after realizing l could make a real impact in my life...

Stuart Corkery

About 5 years ago I decided to step away from the corporate world and pursue a healthier lifestyle and hopefully career.This decision lead me to HPC, where is studied and completed my Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness. It was great to see that even after 25 years...
Janessa McFee

Janessa McFee

I am who I am in the fitness industry today because of my education at HPC and the boundaries I pushed to get out of my comfort zone to live my wildest passion everyday! After being exposed to many outdoor activities, sports and adventures throughout my childhood and...

Brittany Miller

My name is Brittany Miller and I’m a Personal Trainer at HIIT AUSTRALIA on the Sunshine Coast after completing my certificates at Human Performance Centre My time at HPC was fantastic, I have gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of the fitness...

Dimity Emery

Hi - let me introduce myself to you. I am a Mother of 5, and 39 years old. I have always been involved in health and fitness since I was little. My background is as a figure skater in my youth, then as a young adult I dabbled in a number of fitness...

Lochy Duncan

My name is Lochy Duncan and I’m a recent graduate of HPC. I am currently a student at Griffith University, studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science. I longed to find a professional path where I would be given the opportunity to apply my growing knowledge as...

Stuart Corkery

About 5 years ago I decided to step away from the corporate world and pursue a healthier lifestyle and hopefully career.This decision lead me to HPC, where is studied and completed my Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness. It was great to see that even after 25 years...
Kelsie Heemskerk

Kelsie Heemskerk

I am a mother to two beautiful boys, a wife to a loving husband and the author of my very first self-published cookbook, “Food for the ones I love”. I completed my HPC course back in 2011 (pre-babies) and it was there that my love for health and fitness...

Donna Reid

Like many others, I didn’t know what my direction was in life. I dabbled in a few University courses, tried many different career options, and took time to figure out what I wanted most in life.I grew up scared of physical activity just in case I...
Blake Stegemann

Blake Stegemann

All throughout my childhood, I struggled with confidence and  I would always fall behind as a result of it. Losing my father at the age of 7 to cancer wasn’t easy either. At such a young age I was confused and didn’t really know how to take it. I was also overweight...
Melinda Tweedie

Melinda Tweedie

In 2015 I started a fitness journey and lost 50Kg. I realised I was inspiring people around me so enrolled at HPC and became qualified and changed my career. In January 2016 I started working in the Fitness Industry taking a position as Club Manager for Anytime...

Where They Are Now…

Proud to call these Gym owners HPC graduates – they started their journey with us, and now look at how far they’ve come. 

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